Thursday, June 27, 2024

Skip (Personal) - Green Day Makes a Life

Made my day:

How often do you get to see someone experience the greatest moment of their life?  

Billie Joe (lead singer and guitarist for the trio) brings up a fan, gives him his guitar, and sings a song together before a massive crowd in Glasgow. And boy oh boy is the kid into it - when was the last time you smiled like that?

BTW, Green Day's latest album, Saviors, has grown on me (much as a workout soundtrack). On first listen, I thought it was older guys trying to prove they could still rock. Power chords and yelling! But songs like Bobbie Sox - modulated but still rocking in parts - are really good. Suzie Chapstick is a lovely, sad song, and Father to a Son - quite moving, IMO.

Saviors is no American Idiot or 21st Century Breakdown, but still good.

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