Tuesday, July 9, 2024

PS re: Taste & Chicken & "Do No Harm"

Follow-up to yesterday:

Lewis Bollard of Open Philanthropy recently noted that plant-based chicken nuggets beat animal-based ones in a taste test (Column C; the top bar is the plant-based option). The plant-based tenders were very close.

But as I mentioned in yesterday's post, people don't seem to even try plant-based chicken when it is right in front of them and free. 

Combine that with the fact that One Step's "Please don't eat chickens" has as much impact on red meat consumption as chicken

Considering all this, I believe more strongly than ever that we should only ever discuss the horrors of chickens being factory-farmed. Everything else drives a net move from red meat to chicken.

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Hen Friend said...

The chicken issue is a tough battle. Not only do you have the habit, taste, and convenience factor, but many doctors actively tell their patients to choose poultry and fish over beef and pork. I can't tell you how many times I've heard over the years people asserting that chicken is "healthy," when asked to elaborate, they frequently mention their doctors.

I'm thinking of a conversation I had recently with an acquaintance who is diabetic. I expressed dismay over the way birds are treated on factory farms, not implicating her directly, just mentioning how sad I thought it was during the course of our conversation. She cut me off and said forcefully, "I don't worry about that. Chicken and turkey is very healthy for ME. My doctor said so." Animal welfare and the environment mean pretty much nothing to her.