Friday, February 9, 2024

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Wilco - Pittsburgh (lyric video)

"I love the rain..."
(Makes it easier to be in Pittsburgh!)

Photo by Kevin Drum

I don't always agree, but I've long been a fan of blogger / reporter Kevin Drum. Here is his TV list from last year, since it is pretty different from mine. A few notes:

We started Ozark and thought it was well-done, but we just didn't want to spend time with the characters (I felt the same way about The Sopranos, Mare of Easttown, Breaking Bad (depressing), and Painkiller (depressing)). We started Lost In Space and thought it was overwrought - maybe it gets better?

Travelers is great. 

The tone of Bosch really changes from the first season (super creepy bad guy - worst of the whole series) to the final season (Bosch: Legacy). We watched every episode and have read every book.


True Detective 1, & 3; very much looking forward to season 4.

The Wire (except season 2) - outstanding. Some of the best TV this side of The West Wing

Queen's Gambit (although a tiny bit on the predictable side)

Broadchurch (but depressing - very very close to too depressing)

Succession - truly  amazing. But it is a comedy! Watch it as such and you'll like it more.

The Expanse (have read all the books, too)

I loved Halt and Catch Fire (Anne didn't watch)

Jack Ryan (an Econ PhD as the hero? Yes please! Yeah, a lot of it is right-wing fantasy, but not as much as Tom Clancy's books)

Strong disagreement with Kevin:

Station Eleven (excellent! and the book is great, too)

Barry (also excellent!). Henry Winkler? Hells Yeah.

Mr. Robot (awesome if you skip the last episode)

Silicon Valley (Anne didn't watch; it took me a few episodes to start viewing it as a cartoon and then I loved it (like Arrested Development))

The Diplomat was fine; we'll watch another season, but I can understand why someone wouldn't like it.

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WolfKenobi said...

Any list that has His Dark Materials as no good... Well, they're allowed to be wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯