Sunday, June 4, 2023

Sunday Funnies

Lyle Lovett - That's Right, You're Not from Texas

(Thank goodness; but fun song)

I've already promoted Joel Stein's podcast (especially if you want informative, funny, and not-depressing podcasts). Let me also recommend his latest book, In Defense of Elitism. I wish my book was half that funny. 

Maybe not funny, but maybe: The credit-card points flowchart.   😬

Finally, from Losing My Religions, p. 327

Being out in the exurbs meant Anne had to commute about a half hour each way, on windy roads and highway. (People who know her might find that unlikely, given that she doesn’t like to drive and generally only gets behind the wheel for medical emergencies.) But Anne had no issues driving. (While I had several, including a time when the Altima was slipping backwards on an icy hill toward a line of stopped cars: “Fuck!” EK, then two and in the back seat, happily warbled, “Fuck! Fuck!” Yup.)

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