Sunday, May 28, 2023

Sunday Meme Funnies (+ bonus)

Dan Bern - New American Language

One of those you really need to listen to closely. 

Actually, I was never with it.

Don't know how many readers actually watched MASH.

This is pretty great. Saw it on a pal's FB feed shortly after I saw a related thread. The OP said they were depressed by the insight that free will doesn't exist. Most commenters rightly pointed out that it is freeing and liberating to realize that free will is an illusion. 


That fall of 1992, I was very nervous about the first meeting of Students for Animal Rights. I wrote out the speech, ran it by Phil for edits, read it over the phone to Judas, and practiced it in the room ahead of time. We had a full house that evening, and in a testimony to my ability to win friends and influence people, almost none of them would still be there in a few months.
[p. 159]

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