Sunday, May 21, 2023

Sunday Funnies from the Egomaniac + Meaning of Life

Dan Bern - God Said No

My 2021, but not since.

Author John Updike suggested, “Ancient religion and modern science agree: we are here to give praise. ...  What we beyond doubt do have is our instinctive intellectual curiosity about the universe from the quasars down to the quarks, our wonder at existence itself, and an occasional surge of sheer blind gratitude for being here.”

I am extremely grateful to everyone who has reviewed my book. More grateful than you know.

Excerpts from Losing My Religions:

Later, as an adult, I had a debate through the mail with Uncle Carl [Sagan] about the nature of ethics. He disagreed with me, saying sentience couldn’t be the basis for ethics, because it extends down [sic] through many creatures. I wrote back that sentience’s prevalence couldn’t be an argument against it, especially since sentience was the only thing that made sense. Intelligence couldn’t work, because it varies widely within humans, but our fundamental human rights shouldn’t vary. I don’t know what he thought about that, because he died soon after. (Does that mean I won by default?) 
(p. 11 of pdf)

When I started this book, I didn’t think I’d write about basketball, as it isn’t interesting, important, or funny. 

So instead: Baseball!
(p. 39)

Growing up, when St. Matthew’s Day (September 21) came around and I got to pick the restaurant for our family outing, I always picked a steakhouse. My paternal grandparents had a chicken coop, and I was just fine with eating their legs and wings (the chickens’, not Grandma and Grandpa’s).
(p. 100)

On the topic of giving praise 😉 I know that a few blog subscribers haven't yet written a review over at Amazon. If you'd like a copy of the book, please just let me know

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