Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Tuesday Tips: Value Your Time, Pans Edition

Song: Green Day "Know Your Enemy," the most listened-to song on my iPod. (See bottom picture.)

My 12" frying / sauté pan is easily the most used kitchen implement. Over the past 36+ years, I've spent a lot of time fretting over them. 

Obviously, non-stick pans are the easiest. There are those who are against ease or anything created with "modern" [sic] technology. (You know how I feel about them.) But none of the other options have worked well for, say, sautéing peppers, onions, and soy curls. And they take so much time to clean and care for. (Yes, I've heard all the "But if you just lick them clean when they're 92 degrees and then coat them with baby hair and store them in a vacuum vault, they'll season and stick 10% less." I have a cast-iron pizza pan, and it is a pain.)

But I hated that nonstick pans pitted after a year or three. So wasteful. Thus, I spent many many many hours (and many hundreds of dollars) trying to figure out a workable situation.

And two months ago, I found the solution:

Given that I value my time, frying pans are disposable tools. I will now buy a cheap dishwasher-safe pan when my current one wears out and not feel bad about it

I got this one on sale for $16:

And there are other decent ones that are less than $20. On Cyber Monday, we got EK a full T-fal set for ~$50 [!] for when they graduate and have a new place.

If you believe you can have a good impact in the world, either through direct work or earning-to-give, don't spend your most precious resource - time - trying to save a few bucks or keep something out of a landfill.

My most-played songs.

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