Thursday, January 19, 2023

Bonus Question: LMR Video

In addition to today's Consciousness post (where you get the day's song), we have this question for you:

A longtime friend and Losing My Religions beta reader saw yesterday's post that hardly anyone who shows up at downloads (or buys) the book. 

They suggest a video (below). 

So our question to you: What should the video say that would entice someone who doesn't know me to give the book a shot? You can leave a comment or just email me directly.

Have you ever thought about doing a personal video to accompany your page for LMR?  I have no data to back this up, as I just thought of it, but I wonder if more people are so accustomed to the video (social) media world that they may not be drawn in by reading a synopsis for a great book by an author they are not familiar with.  However, if they also heard it from the author in a video (not sure what length is too little, just right, or too much), I wonder if that would have the same effect as a restaurant owner in a city, standing outside their door and inviting people in rather than hope they read the menu posted on the window (this happened to me in PGH 23 years ago and I enjoyed some great greek food I would have passed up!).  

Maybe this title would work better?

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