Thursday, December 1, 2022

Meat Reduction Is Bad (At least the music is good)

Music: Paul McCartney's Fireman's "Electric Arguments" is really something. Worth listening to straight through. So much creativity in one person!

From a previous One Step newsletter, we see how meat reduction hurts animals:

One Step friend and great reporter Kenny Torrella has a new article up at Vox:

How Germany is kicking its meat habit

In the article, we learn how the focus on reducing meat consumption actually impacts animals:

“Germans are eating about the same amount of beef as they were in 2011, but far less pork. But because pigs are large — pigs yield about 124 pounds of edible meat on average in Germany — the steep decline in pork only resulted in a reduction of about one-sixth of a pig per person. However, the 12.5 percent increase in poultry consumption, which looks modest on the chart below, has resulted in almost one extra chicken farmed for each of Germany’s 83 million residents [every year].”

This is not a victory, of course, and is why One Step for Animals promotes animal-focused harm-reduction advocacy.

We can only make real progress when we focus on actual animals.

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