Friday, November 4, 2022

Science Fiction

As you may know, I prefer lots of science in my sci-fi. (And I'm simply not into fantasy.) The Three-Body Problem trilogy is, in my experience so far, the best SciFi out there (and perhaps the greatest imaginative literary accomplishment I've ever read).

Two other authors to recommend:

Ann Leckie and her Ancillary series - wow, that is some imagination and creativity! It takes some effort to keep everything straight, so the three books aren't something you can dip into over the course of months.

Becky Chambers has created a fascinating world in her Wayfarer series; I've read the first Monk and Robot book (more a novella) but just got the second from the library. Serious topics but a bit lighter than Ann. And I'm not recommending Becky because she is the daughter of an Aerospace Engineer!

Martha Wells and her Murderbot series are both interesting and often very funny, although hers is a dark humor. Questions of identity, free will, and lots of fighting!

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