Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Environmentalists are *literally* making the world uninhabitable

I have a section in Losing My Religions called "Climate activists are to blame for some of the suffering caused by climate change." It is based in part on a series of blog posts taking apart David Wallace-Wells' book The Uninhabitable Earth.

I would like to amend my argument.

After the worst tidal wave in recent history damaged the nuclear power plant in Fukushima Japan, the German government gave in to environmentalists' anti-nuclear hysteria and started shutting down their clean, green, carbon-free nuclear power plants.

Does Germany have earthquakes? Danger of tidal waves? 


What made up for the green power lost by turning off nuclear plants?

1. Burning Russian gas, feeding Putin's war machine that has destroyed so much of Ukraine.
And, of course:
2. Burning a lot more brown coal, the worst possible way to generate power ... at least if you care about pollution, human health, and climate change.

And now, the German government is going to bulldoze the town of L├╝tzerath in order to strip-mine for more brown coal. 

Who announced this?

Two members of the "Green" party.

Well done. 

PS: from 2020:

"If Japan and Germany had reduced coal power, instead of nuclear, they could have prevented twenty-eight thousand premature air-pollution-induced deaths and twenty-four hundred million metric tons of cumulative carbon-dioxide emissions." Here in The New Yorker.


As a follow-up to Anti-nuclear hysteria kills, check this out:

A golf-ball-sized lump of uranium can deliver more than enough power to cover all your lifetime energy use. To get the same energy from coal, you’d need 3,200 tonnes of the stuff — a mass equivalent to 800 adult elephants, which would go on to produce more than 11,000 tonnes of CO2. That’s about 11,000 tonnes more than the uranium.

Climatologists James Hansen and Pushker Kharecha calculated that the use of nuclear power between 1971 and 2009 avoided the premature deaths of 1.84 million people by preventing air pollution from burning coal.

What about radiation or nuclear disasters? According to Our World In Data, in generating a given amount of electricity, nuclear, wind, and solar all cause about the same number of deaths — and it’s a tiny number.

PPS: Today: Thunberg: Burning coal is worse than German nuclear plants

Ya think?? But this is years too late.

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