Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Book Update and Poll, September 27

With the self-imposed deadline of October 1 fast approaching, I have the following files ready for you to download and read as of today:

Big pdf version 1.1 (updated 9/27, better graphics/pictures 21M) 

Small pdf v1.0 (5M) file. 

These versions should look as intended, with the chosen fonts, page breaks, and picture sizes.

Version 1.1 mobi (51M) file for Kindles and the Kindle app. 

Beta 0.9 epub (24M) for Apple devices and other e-reading applications. 

These epub and Kindle editions will not look as intended (except in Apple's Books) but should be readable.

The ebook version on Amazon is now ready for pre-order. The paperback, B&N, and Apple Books versions still working.

POLL! Having the book printed in color (e.g., all the pictures) would lead to a minimum price of $35. Having it printed in black & white allows me to price it at $13. What should we do? Please email or comment. info (at) losingmyreligions.net

The latest version of all the current files can be found here.

If you have any feedback and/or note any problems, please email info@losingmyreligions.net Thanks!

We will update the files on an ongoing basis.

Since many people voted for this one,
we're using it on some of the versions.

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