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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

You are not the general public (Yes, I'm talking to you)

Just had a great long call with a pal. (This post is publishing days later.) Lots of laughs as normal, but they are going through some stuff.

From my book:

Someone could easily convince me that I should do something to help individuals suffering worse than chickens. But these would have to be individuals who would not be helped if not for my specific efforts – i.e., no one else would do the work I’d do, or I would do it significantly better. I’ve not yet figured out what that job could be. 

I’ve seriously thought about being a counselor. Given my many terrible experiences with therapy (and I’ve not listed them all in this book) I thought I could do it better. However, Anne rightfully warns that unless I get even better at mindfulness, I would be frustrated when my patients inevitably refuse to act in their own self-interest; for example, cutting off contact with toxic family members (and/or colleagues). 

But there is little that makes me happier than feeling like I'm being useful to people I like. It would be ideal if I could spend more time at least listening to your issues. Even if I don't have anything insightful to say, maybe being heard by someone who cares would help.

As for a "balanced" conversation -- you've had to listen to me yammering on and on via the blog. You've done your fair share!

Rain over the Santa Catalina Mountains.

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