Tuesday, May 31, 2022

More Germany. Specifically, more flowers.

More from my book, now over 225 pages in Google Docs; if you know a literary agent who does memoirs, please let me know. TY

[T]his Airbnb in Erfurt is probably the nicest place Anne and I have ever stayed. It is a two bedroom place, which is more than we need, but it was easily the best deal available. The second bedroom is huge, with perhaps the biggest TV I've ever seen. It has an entire living area separate from the bed. That is where I am now, a little before five a.m., talking into my phone while Anne sleeps.

There is a beautiful garden out back, where our bedroom and the kitchen look out. The right hand side of the garden contains part of the original city wall.

Today we are going to walk to the EGA Park, a huge botanical gardens. It was built in the 1950s to showcase Communism (we’re still in the former east Germany) and has been expanded and improved a lot since reunification. It should be yet another lovely day.

Last week's birthday girl, glamming it up.

Lots of cool stuff on houses and buildings.

This is just a house along some street. !!!

Love me some irises.

There are loads of Schrebergarten or Kleingarten - big plots of land (often along railroad tracks, but here was in the middle of Erfurt) divided up so people can have an area to garden. They are very elaborate, and the "sheds" on them are often like little houses

This was an example of the Pixel 6 Pro's ability to do time exposures (blurring the falling water) while just being held in my hand. No tripod. It is amazing. I did not regret at all having only my phone as my camera.


Windy at the top of the tower.

Staircase back down.

Where we ate our lunch of hummus, pretzels, and sandwiches made from two types of lunchmeat, cheese, and awesome mustard from a tube (as it should be!). The meat and cheese were from a local supermarket. No need to go to a special store!

View from our table.

The best portrait of me ever. (Reflection)

Plant-based chicken!

Photographers -- look at this perfect exposure. No adjustment needed. Wow!

There was an excellent picture to be found in this bed, but I just couldn't find it. Sorry

Sitting outside with my soulmate, drinking good German beer!

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