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Matt is the author, co-author, secondary-author, ghost-author, and non-author of articles, speeches, book chapters, and even entire books! The most recent is his blockbuster The Accidental Activist, which Amazon claims is by his wife Anne Green. So it goes. Currently, he is President of One Step for Animals; previously, he was shitcanned from so many nonprofits that we can’t list them all here. Before Matt’s unfortunate encounter with activism, he was an aerospace engineer who wanted to work for NASA (to impress Carl Sagan). His hobbies include photography, almost dying, and {REDACTED}. He lives in Tucson with Anne, along with no dogs, no cats, no guinea pigs, and only the occasional snake or scorpion.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

I take the Colbert Questionairt

• What is the best sandwich? 

I grew up loving Reubens, fully prepared (both grilled and baked). In 1997 (when Tiger Woods was winning his first Masters), we were in upstate New York. There was a place in Ithaca that made the best vegan Reubens, OMG. I got like five to go when we left.

And to anyone who puts tempeh on a sandwich they call a "reuben," I'll see you in Hell!

• What is the one thing that you own that you should really throw out? 

If it was up to Anne, these pants.

Anne is the least sentimental person I know. She is constantly looking to get rid of stuff. If we haven't used something in a year, it is out the door! But for years, I've worn these pants every day it is under 80 and they're just now getting good.

• What is the scariest animal?


• Apples or oranges?

Of course apples. You can spread peanut butter on them!

• Have you ever asked someone for their autograph?

Wynton Marsalis in 1985 (below). He signed the insert that came with the roll of film I was using. I kept it in my wallet for years.

Me and Wynton

• What do you think happens when we die?

Hopefully someone remembers us for a bit and doesn't judge us too harshly for our mistakes.

• What is your favorite action movie?

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

• Window or aisle?

Aisle for my knees. However, I love the view, so if I'm with Anne on a 767 or at the back of a 777 or 747, we will switch back and forth.

747, the most beautiful commercial plane.

• What is your favorite smell?

Fresh pine at the holidays. Hot sesame oil. Tater tots!

• What is your least-favorite smell?

The aftermath of a double-barreled Crohn's attack.

• Exercise: Is it worth it?

Yes, when I can. Makes everything else in life better.

As someone who has experienced significant health setbacks and problems, I have a great appreciation for having the ability to exercise, to try to get stronger and more fit every chance I get.

• Flat or sparkling? 

Sparkling (if it weren't more expensive).

• What is the most-used app on your phone?

Outlook (email). Then Balance for a guided meditation every day.

• You get one song to listen to for the rest of your life: What is it? 

Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

I thought about a longer song (e.g., The Beatles A Day in the Life) or even a classical piece (e.g., Shostakovich's 4th, 5th, or 7th), but nothing brings me happiness like Everybody....

• What number am I thinking of? 


• Describe the rest of your life in five words.

Hopefully not painful or short.
This is the very end of my life.

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