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Matt is the author, co-author, secondary-author, ghost-author, and non-author of articles, speeches, book chapters, and even entire books! Next will be the bestseller "Losing My Religions." Currently, he is President of One Step for Animals; previously, he was shitcanned from more nonprofits than there is room to list here. Before Matt’s unfortunate encounter with activism, he was an aerospace engineer who wanted to work for NASA to impress Carl Sagan. His hobbies include photography, almost dying, and {REDACTED} He lives in Tucson with Anne and no dogs, no cats, and no African tortoises (although he cares for all of these).

Friday, July 23, 2021

Song from an optimistic time

Speaking of trends in time, I grew up worried about nuclear war (how's that for a transition?). The Day After, bomb shelters, duck and cover, etc. I remember how incredibly optimistic things were after the Berlin Wall came down and following events. This song really captures that moment for me. 

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