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Sunday, November 8, 2020

I could have scrolled Twitter all day long yesterday

Just a few of my favorites:

Biden in 1986.

Contrast with 2014:

March for Science.

The Descent of Trump.

The results of our national election may tell a story of division. Ballot measures tell a different tale.

Aaron Lewis: "I love that Donald Trump is being evicted by Black people."

Bryan Behar: "Can you imagine being so bad at your job that they ring church bells in another country when you’re done?"

Kurt "Mask Up, Vote Early" Eichenwald: It is quite fitting that the Rudy and Trumps other freakazoids  had their last big performance in a parking lot between a dildo shop and a crematorium. Because then they can all fuck off and die without needing to travel.

Elizabeth Spiers: "We already empathize with Trump supporters on policy. We want them all to have healthcare, to make a living wage, to have a fair and equal justice system. We don't have to empathize with them because they voted against those things and lost. ... Everyone I know who was upset about Trump winning was upset because we knew he'd hurt a lot of people. The Trump supporters I know who are upset are mostly upset because he can't hurt the right people anymore. It's not the same impulse."

Thank you Australia:

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