Thursday, November 5, 2020

Honestly Despairing

To quote the Pod Save America guys, I'm nauseously optimistic about the final outcome of the presidential election (Thursday at 3:30 pm MT). 

But I despair that we are literally just a few thousand votes from re-electing one of the worst Americas to ever live. 

I despised G. W. Bush's policies. I hated seeing him on television. I agonized when he won. But I never thought he was a truly, deeply loathsome human being. 

Yet more people are going to have voted for the vile former host of the Celebrity Apprentice than any American ever, other than Joe Biden.

(And I know some people live in non-falsifiable worlds, but as much as I would love to think otherwise, neoconservative Bill Kristol is probably right: "I think it’s very possible, maybe likely, that Biden is the only Democrat who could have beaten Trump." That is absolutely depressing as hell. But we really need to function in a center-right country with an undemocratic senate and electoral college. There are lessons to learn if we want to ever really make progress.)

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