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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Why I ramble on and on about Germany

To expand on this, there are other reasons why going to Germany is so great. It is the one thing I do where I can completely unplug from everything. Anne does all the talking (and even reading of things like signs and menus) - I don't have to deal with anyone. I don't worry about driving or shopping or cooking. It is pretty much different in kind from my normal day-to-day life.

In early October 2019, when we finally decided to go on this aborted trip to Germany (and Prague, based on my colleague Melissa's recommendation), I started researching like crazy (I'm even a "superfan" of these guys - I didn't even know that was a thing). After maybe two weeks of that, Anne said, "You know, the trip is more than six months away." Turns out that was quite the understatement.

Regardless, here are some more pictures from Germany:

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