Monday, May 20, 2019

Herb is everywhere

I've never known a Nobel Laureate, but Anne did - she worked with the late Herb Simon at Carnegie Mellon.

Last night, I was listening to a podcast and Herb Simon came up, which I mentioned to Anne. Not five minutes later, Anne, who is reading Life 3.0, came across a section about Herb.

We talk about this more here, but the most important takeaway from Herb's work is that people don't make optimal decisions. We don't have enough time or rationality to fully and dispassionately analyze every choice that faces us. Rather, people make decisions that match with their gut, then they come up with a rationalization. This is why making the full case for veganism leads to more chickens suffering. Even making the chicken-only case can have a bigger impact on the consumption of red meat. This is why we have to be so strategic in our thinking, and not just give in to what is easiest and most personally emotionally satisfying.

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