Sunday, January 6, 2019


Just as we don't celebrate specific days, I generally don't make resolutions. But on Pod Save America, Jon Lovett said he resolved to be more grateful and to get to a point where he doesn't have to tell himself to be grateful.

There is a phrase "the (wo)man of my dreams." But here is something I just realized today: Anne is not the woman of my dreams. Before I met Anne, my expectation of any relationship was that it would be constant "hard work," with the hope being that it would be 51% good. A dream would be maybe 70% good.

That is not the case.

Even after 26 years and many many stressors, I am still amazed that basically every day with Anne is easy and amazing and awesome. So much so that it actually seems unreasonable or even fantastical when viewed objectively.

But I'll take it.  👍

In Colorado, 2010. I just replaced that ~20-year-old sweatshirt yesterday.

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