Saturday, May 26, 2018

Our Capacity for Self-Delusion

Anne and I listened to part of Sam Harris' latest "Ask Me Anything." In it, Sam claims that he isn't tribal because he disagrees with left-of-center white guys ("like Robert Wright and Ezra Klein") who would be his "tribe." This claim would be incredible to me, but as Sam would be the first to point out, he has no free will to allow him to get beyond his delusions.

As Ezra Klein mentioned  early in their podcast together, Sam's tribe is actually made up of people Sam thinks have been unfairly attacked by "the Left." This is why Sam will promote a misogynistic demagogue who builds his fame on hatred of transgender people and says things like feminists have “an unconscious wish for brutal male domination.” It is why Sam will say that the KKK's favorite "scientist" is "the most unfairly maligned person in my lifetime."

Another bizarre twist: In their podcast, Sam continually tried to interrupt Ezra, but Ezra wouldn't let him ("Just let me finish this."). In the Ask Me Anything, Sam said this proved that Ezra wasn't open minded!

But I've said all the above before. For something new, please check out Robert Wright's great take.

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