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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Can Your Own Bad Experience Remove Your Ability to Reason?

So Sam Harris has gone all-in defending cross-burning darling-of-the-KKK Charles Murray. And this week he says James Damore’s anti-woman anti-diversity memo at Google was “innocuous” and “scientifically accurate.” WTF? Has Sam ever heard of Gamergate? Has he ever talked with a woman trying to work in tech? Would he want his daughters to have to work with someone like Damore? (1, 2) (At least Sam’s guest noted that Damore has made himself the darling of the neo-nazis and alt-right — not so “innocent.")

Sam’s reasoning seems to be: “I’ve been attacked unfairly by ‘the left,’ and I’m a great guy. Therefore, if someone is attacked by ‘the left,’ they must be a great guy, too.”



Mr T said...

You seem to be confirming his point. For example Charles Murray has never supported the KKK yet you're associating him with the group only because the group has misconstrued the nature of his work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment, Mr T. I wouldn't be so dismissive of his cross burning. If I burned a cross, I think it would be fair to characterize me as a racist. But more than that, what can you honestly think is going to come of research that can easily be seen as claiming blacks are genetically inferior to whites? That's what I can't get past.