Monday, September 25, 2017

Example of a Bad Vegan Encounter

Hi Matt,

I read something you had said about vegans not being overly critical of people, as doing so can turn people off. That it hit home. I used to think I was a vegetarian but I was rudely told I am a pescatarian as I do eat fish. I stopped eating meat 2 years ago, but I still eat fish. I'm working on stopping that, but for some reason, I am having a difficult time.

I guess I have come a long way, tho, because I was a huge meat eater and I was one of those people who was disconnected from saving animals yet eating beef, pork, and chicken.

But this is what I want to say: I have been chastised like a child, heavily criticized, and called names by vegans here on FB because I still eat fish. While I understand the message, and again, I'm trying and working towards stopping, I am so turned off and angry over so-called "peaceful" people. Vegans even have a problem with vegetarians for God's sake.

I am still continuing to strive to not eat fish as I said, so what nasty people say doesn't influence me in that way, but it still pisses me off in a sense. Does that make sense? Your message that vegans shouldn't be over critical is right on the mark.

I do see many people who think about becoming a vegetarian or a vegan do let the nasty people change their decision, which is unfortunate. Thank you for not being one of the mean ones.

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