Monday, January 9, 2017

What Will Lead to Reconsideration?

In 2017, ~9 billion land animals will suffer on US factory farms and be slaughtered. If we focused all our resources on promoting veganism and, by some miracle, doubled the number of vegans in the country, the number of land animals suffering would be ... ~9 billion.

Yet even this is a fantasy. For all our vegan groups, vegan clubs, vegan mentoring, vegan booklets, and vegan chants, we have basically not altered the percentage of the population who are vegan at all.

Yet even this downplays how bad things are. Despite the untold millions of "GO VEGAN!" comments and exhortations, per-capita animal consumption is at an all-time high ... and going higher.

I honestly don't know what else has to happen for there to be a fundamental reconsideration of our approach.

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