Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gene Baur and The Farm Sanctuary Life

I assume everyone has seen Gene Baur's amazing appearance on The Daily Show. It is always so great to see someone represent animals so successfully. This is my for-the-public Amazon review of his new book, Living the Farm Sanctuary Life
You, like just about everyone else, certainly abhor cruelty to animals. But like most, you probably view veganism as impossible, and vegans as annoying (to put it kindly). Gene’s genius - in this book and in his life - is that his views aren’t driven by dogma. Nor is his perspective defined by the vegan bubble. 
Rather, he knows we can all contribute to making a better world - each and every one of us.  
You will find that Gene’s approach compassionate, constructive, and realistic. This is because so much of his life over the past 30 years has been shared with the amazing individuals rescued by Farm Sanctuary.  
This book, like Gene’s talks and other writings, doesn’t come from hatred or fanaticism. Rather, everything Gene does is driven by both his deep respect and affection for farmed animals, as well as his unyielding belief in the fundamental goodness and decency of his fellow human beings.  
If you have ever wondered about the lives of farmed animals, or been even slightly interested in a more compassionate, mindful life, you should read this book. It isn’t at all what you might fear. Indeed, it is more than you could hope for.

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