Monday, February 9, 2015

From Karen Dawn: Let's Put Our Energy Toward Helping Animals, Not Hating Humans

"As activists, let's do our best to focus on helping animals rather than persecuting the most prominent abusers. The animals killed on Matthew McConaughy's brother's ranch suffered no more, generally less, than those consumed by most actors, and by many of our beloved family members, eating bacon topped burgers. The animals killed by Kendall Jones are no worse off than the animals killed by most hunters who talk about how much they respect nature. And Jennifer Lopez is likely to save far more animals as she pushes vegan diets, than can be saved by an ethically purer but unknown vegan activist. Our drive to go after those prominent people is utterly natural but a form of human centricism, which pulls our energy away from those who need it most – the animals."

PS: Karen expands on this idea here.

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