Saturday, May 13, 2023

Gas prices will determine who wins in 2024

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Matthew Yglesias: It's time for Joe Biden to buy some oil


[O]ne major factor that I think ought to be generating a lot more concern among congressional leaders, White House staff, major donors, generalist pundits, and others who care about the looming matchup with Donald Trump: global oil prices.

What will Joe Biden’s response be if the governments of Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates spend the summer of 2024 curtailing oil production in order to spike gasoline prices and help restore Trump to power? Is he going to say people should be glad gasoline is getting more expensive because that puts the world closer to meeting its Paris Agreement goals on climate change? In theory, the question of how much voters care about climate change is controversial, but on a practical level, everyone knows that won’t wash.

PS: What Liz Cheny thinks

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