Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Two for Tuesday: Prevent Intense Suffering (1 of 2)

 Song: Peter Gabriel's "Red Rain"

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One of the hardest things to work out in Losing My Religions was losing my philosophy ("Biting the Philosophical Bullet"). Since the book was published, I've found more people with similar views, falling under the general label "Suffering-Focused Ethics." (Book by Magnus Vinding, article-level discussion by Lukas Gloor.)

There is actually an Organization to Prevent Intense Suffering, founded by Jonathan Leighton. Indeed, if I could start over again (after having met Anne of course - don't want to mess that up) I definitely wouldn't spend decades advancing a word that hurts animals. Rather, I'd go right to One Step and something along the lines of OPIS. 

So let's promote Suffering-Focused ethics and the work of Magnus, Lukas, Jonathan, and others who take suffering seriously.

Hospital curtain, Day 30, LMR.

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