Thursday, March 3, 2022

Freedom is no small thing

Our friends across the street are from Russia and Ukraine. One son was born in Russia, the other here in Tucson. They are all U.S. citizens, but they have family back in both home countries. 

All my life, people on the right have said "Freedom isn't free" as a way to justify any and all military action, and killing and being killed. But now, people of all ages are fighting and dying for actual freedom from tyranny. Millions in Russia will suffer intensely because of the actions of their madman leader. 

One of the new Tears for Fears songs has a line, "Freedom is no small thing." We take it for granted. We want to feel special just for having been born here. 

But now we are witnessing people who are truly special, who are truly heroic. We can honor their courage and sacrifice by remembering there are worse things than high gas prices or wearing a piece of cloth on your face:

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